Welcome to Baer in Mind!

Welcome to Baer in Mind, a newsletter focusing on MLB news and analysis by me, Bill Baer. I have been covering baseball in some capacity since 2007. I’m currently a free agent sportswriter, formerly of NBC Sports, ESPN, and Baseball Prospectus. You can see a more in-depth rundown of who I am and what I’ve done by visiting my online portfolio.

This newsletter will let you know what’s going on around Major League Baseball and put that news into proper context. My analysis will be earnest and honest, devoid of the omissions and spin you might find at other publications with financial ties to the league (MLB.com being a very obvious example).

Among the myriad topics that will receive coverage here:

  • Playing baseball during the global COVID-19 pandemic

  • The ongoing labor strife between MLB ownership and the MLB Players Association

  • Cheating by the Astros and Red Sox, and the response from other teams around the league

  • Cultural dynamics within baseball

  • Analytics, and the way front offices utilize them

  • Mike Trout being incredible

I plan to do a mailbag in conjunction with my regular posts. The time frame is to be determined based on interest. It could be a weekly thing, or it could just be a monthly thing. Along with access to all posts here, paid subscribers will be able ask one MLB-related question that is guaranteed an answer. Paid subscribers can also leave comments here.

In this day and age, I understand how much $5 a month is. I don’t take that kind of support lightly. There are all kinds of things asking for your hard-earned cash whether it’s other quality newsletters, streaming services, a gym membership, etc. I will never take your support for granted and will make it my goal to always put out unique, high-quality content to justify your subscription.

Not everyone will want to spend $5/mo on me, which is totally understandable, so I will be occasionally putting out some free content, including the first “real” post here, coming shortly. You can still show your support for me by sharing my newsletter with your friends and following me on social media (Twitter & Instagram).